[Loadstone] can't get SirfStar 3 module to use WAAS

Alan loadstone-l at as2.info
Tue Jan 1 19:30:48 GMT 2008

Hi, I have a new Nokia LD-3W GPS module which uses the Sirf Star 3 
chipset. The unit allegedly supports WAAS. Loadstone supposedly supports 
WAAS. I have now played with the unit for a week, in two metro areas in 
North America, and have never got a WAAS or differential GPS signal. I 
have tried setting WAAS to on, to off, and to unchanged with no effect.

I have read some posts in the archives and it seems there may be issues 
with the Sirf 3 chipset, WAAS, and Loadstone.

My question is, can WAAS work or not? (The system, hardware and 
software, still work real well even if the answer is no.) If so, how do 
I get it to work?


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