[Loadstone] LoadStone and Access

Lamar Upshaw lupshaw at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 23 05:07:48 GMT 2008

I have W F A installed on my nokia 6682, with the royaltek 2110 GPS 
receiver.  I remember that it's best for the receiver to not be pared when 
using it with LoadStone, but it apparently must be pared to use it with W F 
A.  Is there a way to be able to accomplish being able to use both programs 
with the royaltek?  Although W F A is a nice program, I have two important 
problems with it:
1. When the way finder server is down, I'm stuck! lol.  I really like what 
the server has to offer, but it's useless if I don't have GPRS in a 
particular area, or if the server is not functioning.
2. Although W F A is great for pedistriens, and passenger car riders, it's 
not that wonderful for bus riders. *smile*  The latest release of W F A no 
longer supports real time updates, which is a real problem when wanting to 
see what intersection you are approaching, or passing. LoadStone's auto 
checkpoint announcing truly comes in handy for this. While riding the bus, I 
have loadstone vibrate and announce the intersections automatically along 
the more popular bus routs. This way, I can hit the bell at my stops, and 
leave the drivers wondering how in the heck I knew that was my stop! lol.

Thanks for anything anyone can tell me.

With All Respect,
Upshaw, LaMar T 

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