[Loadstone] Newby: TALKS version corrected...YES!

John M sunnyday001 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 16:17:38 GMT 2008

Thanks, yes I've done as instructed, and the Loadstone #E1 is now working on my Nokia6260.  Next step for me is understanding how to use it all, but I'm now under way.

Thanks again,

John M

Melbourne Australia
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  Hi Jon,

  Try downloading Loadstone again - selecting the Nokia 6260 as the handset. 
  I just adjusted the version of Loadstone associated with that model of 

  Please keep us posted.

  Best regards,

  On Thu, 21 Feb 2008, John M wrote:

  > Hi,
  > In an earlier post, I said I had TALKS60....dunno where I got that idea, but what I do have is TALKS 2.01 installed on June 11 2005.
  > Thanks,
  > John M
  > Melbourne Australia.
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