[Loadstone] Newby - cannot get Lodestone to start

John M sunnyday001 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 06:18:15 GMT 2008


Sorry, I'm a total newby, have searched the archives, but find no solution to my difficulty.

I have a Nokia 6260 running TALKS60, have downloaded and successfully installed the latest version of Lodestone appropriate to my phone model.  the phone informed me Lodestone was successfully installed and a Lodestone item appeared in my main phone menu.

However, when I select the highlighted Lodestone menu item, or use "open" from the options sub-menu, nothing whatsoever happens.  It just returns to the main menu, and says Lodestone as if I'd never tried selecting and/or opening it.

I've read the Web site installation documents, but find no answers as to what I'm doing wrong.

Any guidance, assistance or suggestions would be gratefully received.


John M

Melbourne Australia.
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