[Loadstone] (Forwarded) Announcing a Low Traffic List for Accessible Phone Info

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Wed Feb 20 20:37:15 GMT 2008

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From: "Len Burns" <len at gatamundo.com>
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Subject: Announcing a Low Traffic List for Accessible Phone Info

Dear list members,

As many of you are aware, of late there has been much discussion
in favour of the creation of an announcement e-mail list.

I am delighted to inform you that after consulting with some of
the regular list membership, several key contributors have agreed
to contribute to a low volume, informative announce only e-mail list.

The topics at present to be reported on include; New handset
releases, including their specifications and compatibility with
the various standard software installed by us as users.  Software
developments and releases, including updates and release note
information, compatibility and where to download / purchase the

Software will include Nuance's Talks and Zooms, Code Factory's
Mobile Speak and Wayfinder Access.

We will also announce other important developments within the blind
community which directly relate to cellular mobile handsets such
as the new KNFB Reader.

The list is not a discussion group, therefore traffic from the list
will be very light.  This will provide an opportunity to fine out
what you need to know, without belonging to a busy list.

To subscribe you can send an email to:

information-subscribe at blindphones.info

or visit the list web page at:


We hope you will find this a valuable resource.

len at gatamundo.com

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