[Loadstone] Porting to Windows Mobile.

Geoff Waaler geoffsmailbox at nc.rr.com
Wed Feb 20 14:59:54 GMT 2008


I asked earlier for suggestions about accessible compilers/tools for porting LS to Windows Mobile and was basically told to do some Googling.  Don't know if the old blindprogramming.com site would have contained anything but I'm consistently getting a "403 forbidden error", hence this is apparently no longer a viable information source.

I now know of a few compilers, but the proper one depends on the code.

I downloaded the source but am not yet familiar with the build environments.  Is Loadstone using any of the Unix pipes, forks, threads, etc?  If so I probably need to compile VIA GCC in a Cygwin Unix emulator (not sure yet how accessible that is but it would be necessary to deal with the Unix elements if Loadstone's coding contains those).

does anyone know of online documentation which could acquaint me with the build environments (e.g I suspect Symbian specific objects have Windows Mobile equivalents?).

Thanks and regards.
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