[Loadstone] Unable to perform any file operation

Petr Řehák peersoft at seznam.cz
Tue Feb 19 21:20:34 GMT 2008


i started using LoadStone GPS 0.69 on my Nokia 6681 with MobileSpeak and I
am unable to execute any file operation from the File menu. As soon as I
press joystick on any item (Load database, Import database etc.), program
simply quits without any message and I am returned to the phone's main menu
where I launched LoadStone GPS from. I encountered this behavior with other
applications also, but there are many that work just fine. I could possibly
work without these functions if there was another possibility to import POIs
into the database. I tried exporting the database in order to get my UId for
converting POIs into the database, but with the same result.
Thanks for any ideas. As I said, I would like to get my POIs from a CSV file
into the database.
All other functions seem not to crash the application.


Petr Rehak

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