[Loadstone] Connection lost error - please help

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Hello Peter

You should not pair your phone with your receiver  using Loadstone. It finds
your Receiver automatically. Pairing with a code may cause problems.

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Hi all,

i downloaded and installed the LoadStone GPS v0.69 application on my Nokia
6681 phone and tried to run it while MobileSpeak was running. Recently I
also bought a bluetooth GPS receiver, Navibe GB-735, which has static
navigation disabled, but works well with other GPS application on the
Windows Mobile platform for me. I have managed to pair my phone with the
receiver, I have also successfully set my GPS receiver to be authorized for
the phone so that I won't have to enter the pairing code again. However, as
soon as I selected it in the LoadStone's Find GPS dialog, LoadStone
instantly said "connection lost" and beeped at me. I even tried to enable
WAAS/EGNOS as my receiver can make use of it. Could you please help me to
get LoadStone function? Could my GPS receiver be incompatible with LoadStone
in some way, although it supports NMEA 2.2 and many NMEA sentences and it
has the SIRF 3 chip?
Thanks for your reply in advance.


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