[Loadstone] Nokia Maps 2.0

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Fri Feb 15 22:15:12 GMT 2008

If so, why - from the programmer's point of view, most applications start properly while others don't?
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> On Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 08:45:53PM +0100, Przemys?aw Rogalski wrote:
>> Where can I report this bug then?
> I had the same issue with another Nokia map application. 
> The name isn't coming to me now, smartroute or something,
> anyways, it was put out like a year ago.  The problem
> turned out to be Talks related, that is it started up just
> fine when Talks wasn't running on the phone, it was not
> sufficient to mute it.  This does of course present a minor
> accessibility issue.
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