[Loadstone] Question on editing and deleting points - help please

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Dec 31 09:20:33 GMT 2008

Chapter 1 of Getting Started (talking about Exploration Mode):

"Pressing the # (number/hash/pound) key (sorry for three names for the same 
key, it's the lower right key) will pop up a window where you can edit/update
the data that you assigned to the active point (the point that has focus). 
The shifted number sign Key lets you delete a point (after asking for 

To delete a point you can also navigate to that point or find it with the 
'Find Point' option in the Options/Functions menu. Once you have found it, 
softkey 1 again, go to the 'Current Point' menu, arrow down to 'Delete' and 
press the select (middle) button on your joystick. Confirm with 'Yes' and it's

(The Current Point submenu only appears if a point has focus.)


At 12/31/2008, you wrote:
>Hi and Happy New Year to you all...
>I am using a Nokia E50 with Talks speech software and the Loadstone
>programme. I have been able to walk around town here adding new points
>as I go, but how am I able to edit or delete them? (Eg. If there is a
>duplicate or I want to rename the point?) I have looked in the help
>files, and it says that I need to be in exploration mode...find a
>point...select it..then I should be able to delete or edit it. I can
>find one, select one (check point), but when I go to edit or or delete
>it I do not get those options. It only allows me check point, uncheck
>point or comment.
>Has anybody else had this problem and how can I fix it? Or is there
>another way that I can do this? I was hoping that using the Backspace
>and # key on my phone, that it would allow me to do that but it isn't
>working. (I even tried C for clear before the #  but that still doesn't
>work). (I have gone over the help files three times already hoping to
>find something I may have missed?)
>All ideas are gratefully accepted ;-)
>Thanks heaps
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