[Loadstone] Problem with GPS Captor

Réginald Arseneau regimari at nb.sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 29 21:58:38 GMT 2008

Hi every body,
I'm sory for my english, but a friend of me just bouth a Nokia 95 with a GPS and Gps receiver intégred.
His problem is that he desactive the GPS before loading loadstone and now when he want to reconnect it, he can'nt found how to reconnected it!
He is stil in Explored mode. He has like message that it is'nt connected.
How can he proceed to reconnect the GPS receiver?
Please, just telle me the answer like very simple.
By example:
01, do this,
02, do that etc etc.
Sory again for my English.

Happy new Years to all.
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