[Loadstone] Query on POI and speaking of street names

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That's correct and you can certainly mark specific places including service 
stations for future use and loadstone does announce as you get closed to the 
marked place. While marking a spot, you have the option to make it private 
or public. For example, I wouldn't like to mark my apartment public and thus 
I could restrict such places to my own usage. You also have the option to 
use it as a check mark and pressing down aero twice should give you that 
option. The auto announce feature is useful if you are visiting an 
unfamiliar place and the streets are already marked. Otherwise Checked 
points should automatically announced as you approach them irrespective of 
the auto announce feature being on or off.


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> Hi,
> I have downloaded Loadstone onto my Nokia phone (which has the Talks
> software), and have read the manuals on getting started etc. I have
> bookmarked quite a few places in my local area (and named them etc),
> and down the track will upload them for other users who visit this area.
> My question is - do people bookmark shops, streets, service stations
> etc, and then the street names are read out aloud as I walk? Or where in
> the settings do I look to get it to read out street names as I cross
> them?? Does it do it automatically or do I need to press my navigation
> key etc? I can get it to say how many metres I am from a shop, but had
> also heard that it can read street names as you come across them? I have
> also read that using Loadstone you can convert a csv file to a Loadstone
> file. Does anyone know if there are New Zealand points of interests
> already saved on any websites that I can then convert to the Loadstone
> format? (I am guessing that not much of NZ is databased in terms of free
> to share points of interest)?! I am quite happy to keep bookmarking both
> here and other towns I visit, so we get more POI's on this site. I am
> looking forward to any help or ideas that any other members can offer.
> Thanks heaps
> Gene
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