[Loadstone] i-Blue 737A+ BT GPS Receiver (66 channels, AGPS, Auto On/Off, WAAS)

Kevin Chao kevinchao89 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 23:02:14 GMT 2008

For the  last week or so, I have been using the I-Blue 737A+. I must
say that this receiver is very impressive. I upgraded from the Holux
M-1000, which is an excellent receiver as  well. The specifications
for the I-Blue 737A+ is as follows:

 iBlue 737A+ is equipped with a 66-channel MTK chipset, it provides
ultra-high sensitivity -165dBm tracking and -148dBm signal
acquisition. By integrating a smart power-saving option with fuzzy
auto on/off, the iBlue 737A+ is also the most power-efficient receiver
available. Highly sensitive and super-efficient, this device enjoys
wide consumer appeal.

•Semi indoor fixed
•AGPS available
•66 channels Bluetooth GPS
•Smart Power Save Mechanism
•Fuzzy Auto On/Off
•Longer battery life of up to 32 hrs per full char
•3 hrs charge time

Here are the ways in which this  receiver out performs the M-1000.

I flew from California to Louisiana  and did not turn on the GPS
receiver until I got to Louisiana. I turndon the 737A+ inside a
one-story house and was able to get a position fix within 30 seconds,
where it took the M-1000 over a minute. I then did aside-by-side test
of GPS Drift and Multi-Path.  Over the course of a few minutes, there
was  no drift or multi-path to be reported from the 737A+, where the
M-1000 had a change in position of around 50  feet and a change in
heading of +/- 90 degrees. I then markda User POI and the entire time
the POI staydwithin 30 feet, where the M-1000 had the POI staying
within 50 feet.
Note: All of these test were done within a one-story house, where
multi-path and drift is more of an issue.

i have also seen 12 and13 satellites on more than one occasion using
the 737A+ and an accuracy of 7 feet, where I have seen the M-1000 have
 an accuracy of 9 feet and 12 and 13 satellites just once or twice.

So, I would recommend this receiver to anyone who is looking at a new
receiver as not only are the  specifications are great, but the
real-life testing backs  up the specifications.

The I-Blue 737A+ is going for aroundUSD50 from:

I would recommend this site to anyone as the site is very accessible,
easy to manageandI got the receiver within two days of ordering it.



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