[Loadstone] Importing text file in to the loadstone usable format?

Alastair Fairweather al_fairweather at onetel.com
Tue Dec 23 20:40:12 GMT 2008

Way I see it is this.

LS requires the text file of a specific format on the phone memory or memory
card in order to upload to the database.  I'm not convinced any PC
application could do this, whilst accessing the LS database on the phone.

Another solution might be to be able to create the LS db on the PC, and
simply copy the DB onto the phone.

I don't know if there are limitations to the number of points a db can
contain, I'd imagine so, because after all, these are phones and not
designed for serious computing applications.

I wonder whether a mechanism for switching databases might be possible, that
way, the databases could be kept distinct and of reasonable size...

Suggest best interim might be to split files up, using notepad, reducing
number of lines of text to, say, 150, and importing one at a time.

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Hi all,

As the subject line says: When we import large text files on the phone, it 
takes long time to process them and sometimes one ends-up getting "memory 
full" message. So is there any program that could be used on the PC for such




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