[Loadstone] Introduction and a question

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Sat Dec 20 22:26:35 GMT 2008

I'd turn off auto announcement. This feature will automatically announce the 
checkpoint you're approaching at an interval. Checkpoints will be 
automatically announced as you approach even with auto announce turned off. 
The auto announce feature is probably most useful if you want to keep track 
of a check point a longer distance away. If it's turned on and your points 
are close together then you probably will get repeated announcements.

On Sat, 20 Dec 2008, Vetrivel Adhimoolam wrote:

> Thanks and I'll try that out. What I did was to set the announcement
> interval to 20 seconds to see if it would rectify the problem, but it seems
> to be announcing the arrival a bit late. I am pretty sure that those check
> points are of at least 50 meters apart and I do walk in a good pace. So
> perhaps it is something to do with the approach range settings.
> Vetri.
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>> Hi,
>> Try to set the approach ranges in Options/Settings/General to smaller
>> values. I'm using an approach time of 10 and an approach distance of 9
>> meters. This works fine with points as close as 20 meters apart. Keep on
>> moving, if you stand still the receiver starts 'drifting' and this results
>> in the announcement of points at random. Make sure your checkpoints are at
>> least 15 meters seperated. Having a file with checkpoints loaded is not
>> different from checking points manual. The announcement of unwanted points
>> usually has  to do with a too low speed, standing still or having points
>> checked that are too close.
>> Rob
>> At 12/20/2008, you wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I am Vetrivel Adhimoolam, a new member from New York. I started using
>>> loadstone a week ago and already I am learning so much about the area
>>> around me by using the map from the point share web page. I hope to learn
>>> from the list and possibly will contribute as well. Now coming to my
>>> question, I created checkpoints and saved different points in a single
>>> file so as to use them together at the time of navigation. However it is
>>> resulting in several already visited checkpoints being announced several
>>> times. So is there any way of making the software speak only the unvisited
>>> checkpoints? Or can I load several checkpoints simultaneously without
>>> saving them in a single file?
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