[Loadstone] Introduction and a question

Vetrivel Adhimoolam vadhimoolam at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 20:22:23 GMT 2008

Thanks and I'll try that out. What I did was to set the announcement 
interval to 20 seconds to see if it would rectify the problem, but it seems 
to be announcing the arrival a bit late. I am pretty sure that those check 
points are of at least 50 meters apart and I do walk in a good pace. So 
perhaps it is something to do with the approach range settings.


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> Hi,
> Try to set the approach ranges in Options/Settings/General to smaller
> values. I'm using an approach time of 10 and an approach distance of 9
> meters. This works fine with points as close as 20 meters apart. Keep on
> moving, if you stand still the receiver starts 'drifting' and this results
> in the announcement of points at random. Make sure your checkpoints are at
> least 15 meters seperated. Having a file with checkpoints loaded is not
> different from checking points manual. The announcement of unwanted points
> usually has  to do with a too low speed, standing still or having points
> checked that are too close.
> Rob
> At 12/20/2008, you wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I am Vetrivel Adhimoolam, a new member from New York. I started using
>>loadstone a week ago and already I am learning so much about the area
>>around me by using the map from the point share web page. I hope to learn
>>from the list and possibly will contribute as well. Now coming to my
>>question, I created checkpoints and saved different points in a single
>>file so as to use them together at the time of navigation. However it is
>>resulting in several already visited checkpoints being announced several
>>times. So is there any way of making the software speak only the unvisited
>>checkpoints? Or can I load several checkpoints simultaneously without
>>saving them in a single file?
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