[Loadstone] New user - Advice please

Martin Dudley dudleym at ntlworld.com
Thu Dec 11 12:48:33 GMT 2008

Hi folks

Having installed loadstone on my phone etc. I am having difficulty in 
getting it to do what I want. I'm either not doing it right or it won't do 
what I want. I have read the getting started instructions but want to go 
further. I have downloaded a street map poi of my area via one of the links 
on the web site, can't remember just now the steps I took but I followed 
links from the loadstone site or one of its tools and converted it to an ls 
database, I installed it to my phone as the default database and can 
navigate via the numerical keys on the phone etc to see what is arround. My 
problem is I can't get ls to talk to me when on the move. I've tried 
placing ls in navigation mode and exploration mode, I've checked "announce 
all" via the menu's with no joy. I want to use ls to allow me to know what 
is arround me when I am on the move and not to just have it announce a 
route from A to B because I may not have a particular destination in mind 
if I am in another town or area of my town which I don't know very well. 
Can I get ls to do this and if so how. Are there any more advanced 
instructions in addition to the one on the ls web site?

Thanks in advance

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