[Loadstone] Mike's Hike Planning Update

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Thu Dec 11 12:37:39 GMT 2008

As many of you know, I happen to be blind.  I plan to hike the Appalachian Trail using GPS starting in March, 2009 to demonstrate the independence of persons with visual impairments and the value of GPS to the blind community.  Loadstone will be a major component of my hike.  

Award-winning videographer Gary L. Steffens will make a documentary of Mike's Hike.  Please visit http://www.blindhiker.com for more information on my plans.

Thank you for your support and suggestions so far.  The only obstacle on my path is funding.  Help me prove prevailing myths about the dependence of persons with disabilities wrong and open doors for persons with visual impairments.  Make me take a hike!


Mike Hanson

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