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Alastair Fairweather al_fairweather at onetel.com
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Hi Josh,

I would be pretty sure you'll find lots of these on eBay.  Folk love to
upgrade their phones, and will often sell not so old ones on eBay.

I'd suggest you do a bit of research on which phones would have the features
you want, then go on and check out prices for those.

Good luck,


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My name is Josh Kennedy. I'm a new member from the United States,
Pennsylvania, currently attending the Colorado Center for the blind, NFB. I
have a cell phone question. Can anyone tell me where I might get a cheap
phone to use as a notetaker and for the gps? I already have another phone
that I use for making and receiving calls. I would like to obtain an
unlocked phone to use as a PDA, and for gps purposes. I would like to spend
as little money as possible. if anyone can recommend websites that sell
cheap nokia smartPhones that would be great. thanks,

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