[Loadstone] Reply to Monty and Shaun,

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Sun Aug 17 23:15:49 BST 2008

If you don't want the arrival announced then a work around is to set the 
arrival radius as low as possible, currently 5 metres. It's rather unlikely 
that you'll end up within that radius because of gps accuracy. The distance 
announcement on arrival and approach could be a toggle. I would think most 
people wouldn't want this off but you never know.

On Sun, 17 Aug 2008, Aedan O'Meara wrote:

> Hi both,
> The verbosity I refer to is the new calling of "arriving at" in addition
> to "approaching..." of checkpoints. I also don't like the calling of
> distance and direction because it is distracting from the name of the
> point when I am on a bus. I fully accept that some or even all users
> want these features, but all I ask is that they be optional with a
> switch in the settings. I use ls with Talks and usually have my phone in
> my breast pocket so the whole bus is listening. I don't like the Nokia
> earphones.
> It looked to me at first that there were optional settings in v7 but
> nothing seems to change or stop the extra calling out of checkpoints.
> Regards
> Aedan.
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