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Sun Aug 10 10:34:24 BST 2008

After user has explored UK map of cities, user loads London's map. 
And so on
This allows better points grouping too.

Problem 4:
Too much speech sometimes
It is good, that user can write long and descriptive point labels,
particularly in exploration mode. But on street is sometimes quite annoying
if ls says for example
Royal street 139, my favourite pizzeria, second door 1,423 km at 123
Shorter message were better.
It would be nice if in navigation mode ls says or can be set to say to first
separator, for example to the first comma.
In this example: royal street 139 1,423 km at 123 degrees.

Locked points
Loadstone says first locked point name and then distance and angle.
It would be nice if Loadstone says distance and angle first ant then point
name. I think usually LS user knows what point is locked and therefore this
information is less important.

With best wishes

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