[Loadstone] some more feature request's

Artur Räpp arturrapp at starline.ee
Wed Aug 13 10:52:26 BST 2008


I hope my English is understandable :)

Some more feature requests, grouped by problems.

Problem 1:
My GPS receiver isn't very good at low speed or if I stay at place. GPS
receiver reports random speed and direction. Therefore I have big problems
exploring what is around me and in which direction.
Possible solutions - new features.
It would be nice if user can easily set temporarily threshold to some high
value and LS to use software speed and heading.
This avoids direction to change and allows to LS user more easily explore
what is around
It would be nice if ls can say degrees to points relative to sun.
For example: 40 degrees right from sun 
This can be only temporary setting because this is useful only if: is
daytime, if is sunny day, if ls user is in the sun light and can feel sun
light on his/her skin. And so on.
It would be nice if ls can say point direction relative to the previous
movement in exploration mode.
For example: if I move in exploration mode from point a to the point b then
ls says
Point c at 30 degrees right (relative to the line segment a b)
This feature allows ls users more easily simulate future trips as well

It were nice if ls can says degrees relative to line segment from my current
position to some other point, for example from current position to the some
This is more useful to those ls user who can see something. But for example
I can use this feature if I am on straight road and I have saved point at
road beginning.

Problem 2:
Sometime is quite difficult to add new points on road. This takes sometimes
too long. 
Solution / new feature
If were possible add points with one keystroke with predefined name. For
(For example: 2008-09-9_12:00.01)
(For example 2008-09-09_12:00.01_qqquick)
(quick with 3 q's for better search)
Add to point label dialog such command as described previously.

User can easily find these points after trip and then corrects the labels.

Problem 3:
Ls is quite time consuming sometime and a little difficult to learn.
Solution/new features
It would be nice if loadstone loads automatically checkpoints with new
For example, if user loads database "home" then loadstone tries load
checkpoints file with the same name.
Pseudo code
loadDatabase (userRequestedDatabaseFilename)
// may be:
// if Settings load checkpoints automatically == true then
If exists checkpoints file (userRequestedDatabaseFilename) then
If (exist default checkpointFile) then
loadDefaultCheckpointsFile ()
Append checkpoints (Database_filename)
Load checkpoints (Database_filename) // replace previous
// endIf // Settings load checkpoints automatically

This allows more easily load checkpoints and assign checkpoints to the

It were nice if ls user can load database with current point name
For example:
If current point name is London then user can load database with name
(London (with London's points)
This allows more easily "zoom in to map"
For example
User loads database world

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