[Loadstone] N82 Questions

Norbert Müller nm-listen at millernorbert.de
Fri Aug 8 16:30:13 BST 2008

Hi all,

sorry, I have not been able to follow this list for quite a while, so 
probably the following issues have been discussed before.

I purchased an N82. I have 2 problems:

1. after every message, the question is repeated, which probably in English 
is somethink like "Load checkpoints".

2. (and worse): the screen saver cannot be turned off; but when it is on, 
checkpoints are no longer announced automatically. I have been told there is 
a solution to the second problem: A software called "S60spoton". But I would 
prefer to have a solution which does not require to install one more 
software on my mobile phone. Have other solutions been found or do I have to 
wait for the next LoadStone version?

Best greetings,


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