[Loadstone] Introducing myself and a nifty little tidbit

Mike Busboom mike at busboom.at
Fri Aug 8 09:57:45 BST 2008

Hello Listers,

My name is Mike Busboom and I am an expatriate American, residing in Vienna,
Austria.  Although I am just now learning about the Loadstone software, I am
not new to GPS.  I have a Braille Note and use the Sendero GPS software.  I
am excited about the Loadstone solution, not because I am dissatisfied with
the Sendero solution; I love that solution, actually.  I like the Loadstone
approach because it will allow me to keep my aging Braille Note indoors,
thus not exposing the Braille display to the elements.

I recently ordered a RoyalTek receiver, one that was recommended by a
German/Austrian Loadstone enthusiast.  Once it arrives, I will hopefully be
able to be up and running with Loadstone GPS on my Nokia E61.

Since I am totally new to this list, I do not know what kind of things
people need to make their GPS experiences more positive.  However, I found a
tool that I would like to share with everyone who might be able to make use
of it.  If you are interested, read on:

A sighted friend was telling me how useful Google Maps were and how the
latitude and longitude coordinates were blended in to the location a user
had entered.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a way to gain access to
this information using a screen reader.  The same sighted friend later
discovered a small API that output the Google Maps coordinates in straight
text.  If you just want the lat/lon coordinates for an address from almost
anywhere, do the following:

1. Save the file "getcoord.html" on your hard drive.  It is the file I have
attached to this posting.

2. From the File menu in either Internet Explorer or Firefox open the
aforementioned file and click on the edit box.  When you load the file, a
Parisian address will be displayed.  You will need to erase it and enter an
address of your own. Then press <Enter>.  I was unable to just tab over to
the edit box; I had to use the mouse.

3.  In all likelihood, you will not hear anything, but the information you
are after will be there.  You will need to use your screen reader's mouse
feature to drop down to the new information which is displayed beneath the
edit field.

Thank you for allowing me to join the list and good luck to all of you!

Mike Busboom

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