[Loadstone] Loadstone 0.70 and Navilock BT-338

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Thu Aug 7 18:23:13 BST 2008

Hi Simon,

What you are encountering in both cases is drift.  A normal  side affect 
of the latest generation of GPS receivers.  In particular vertical drift 
happens frequently.  Loadstone only can be as accurate as the values fed 
to it from your receiver so my guess is that your Nokia GPS software isn't 
updating the altitude as often as LS and that's why you notice the 


On Thu, 7 Aug 2008, Simon Eigeldinger wrote:

> Hi all,
> I bought a Navilock BT-338 GPS Receiver with a SIRF III chipset a few
> days ago.
> Somehow i think that LS seems to show me wrong information sometimes.
> I have a Nokia 5500 phone which also comes with a navigation software
> and checked a few parameters which the GPS gave me.
> LS seems to give me different info for example the hight over sea
> level in meters.
> I know we are around 430 meters above sea level over here.
> The Nokia software shows me something around on 400 meters plus minus
> 20 meters.
> And LS always jumps up and down from 360 up to 380 or 400 meters.
> A few days i was on a place where they where around 250 meters above
> sealevel and the nokia software guessed it right but LS somehow was
> on 150 up to 170 meters.
> Is there something wrong with LS or with the receiver?
> Why does LS sometimes change so hard?
> Maybe I also set something wrong.
> I also had issues with the speed. I read the manual and i set the
> static setting in the settings up to 2 but it still says that I am
> moving with 4 kilometers per hour but I am not moving.
> Sorry for the confusion I'll maybe cause :-).
> Thank you.
> Greetings,
> Simon
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