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Well, with Dublin and Ireland I get 480 points and 60 POI's. The OSM 
database relies on contributions from local enthusiasts, it will be bigger 
or smaller according to the number of contribuants. Still Dublin doesn't 
look too bad, maybe something didn't work out the way it should, try again.

At 8/6/2008, you wrote:
>I had a go looking for my own street address without any success. When I 
>noticed that you are using the Geonames maps I realised that there is a 
>headland near my house that is on the ie.txt Geonames map. I entered the 
>name "Bray Head" and the program announced a hit from the Geonames source. 
>This then generated a Loadstone data file that looks excellent.
>My home address does not feature on the Geonames map so this tool is a bit 
>limited for Irish sites.
>To check that, I typed in "Dublin, Ireland" into the initial form. This 
>yielded a number of features referring to Dublin that seemed to come from 
>another source, not Geonames. I assume they must have come from Google 
>earth. However, the resulting Loadstone file still did not give me any 
>great detail of Dublin since it only features isolated elements such as 
>hotels, civic buildings, etc.
>Have you any advice on how to make it work in relation to streets in Ireland?
>All the best,
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>Users that can't find their coordinates with the Google tool:
>Replace (YourLat/Lon) with your coordinates in the below link to go to the 
>OSM site and retrieve their map. Attention: It can take several minutes 
>before the download starts!
>Please do not alter the 'zoom' item, the converter can only handle small 
>size OSM files.
>At 8/6/2008, you wrote:
>>Tried it, but, unfortunately although I tried one or two different postal
>>codes from this area, it just told me it couldn't find my point although
>>using that other single point geocoder site which also uses google/yahoo
>>maps, I do find things, so not sure why.
>>Stay well
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>> > Hi all,
>> >
>> > To examine the usefulness of the OpenStreetMap data I've made a small tool
>> > to convert OSM data to the Loadstone format. I'd be interested in your
>> > results as OSM data for various countries can differ quite significantly.
>> > Here's what you do:
>> >
>> > Go to
>> > http://www.loadstone-gps.com/tools
>> > and select the GeoCoder tool.
>> > Extract position data by entering your address and click on the OSM link
>> > on
>> > the result page.
>> >
>> > Once on the OSM site click on 'export', on the next page select XML format
>> > and download the resulting file (map.osm).
>> >
>> > Go back to the tools page and process the .osm file with the
>> > 'OpenStreetMap
>> > Converter' tool.
>> > Import the file on your phone and let me know what happens.
>> >
>> > Rob
>> >
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