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Hello, La,
Manually editing the GeoNames file would not be the best way to prepare a
Loadstone file. The Longitude and Latitude are in decimal format but
Loadstone requires the decimal point to be removed. Loadstone requires seven
places of decimal in each of these fields and this data  varies from two
places of decimal and sometimes more than seven places of decimal. With
22,764 entries, adjusting these fields would be unmanageable manually. The
next problem would be choosing which of the three name fields to use. In the
Irish file the first column gives the names in a mixture of Irish and
English so you would need to decide whether you wanted them in Irish or not.
If not, you would need to take the name from the third name column. 
As a contribution to Loadstone and the point Share system, my brother Aedan
and I have been working through these options and we would be happy to share
the details with you. We are now in a position to send you a loadstone
compatible file of points together with a spread sheet giving the
orientation and distance of each point from your own chosen location.
Rob's advice will certainly give you a workable Loadstone file but I would
suggest that you check the names to see if they are in the form that you
We are currently writing a compiled program that will deliver a range of
functions based on the GeoNames file.

All the best,


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Hi all,
There was talk on this list some weeks back of downloading data from the
GeoNames website . Has anyone successfully managed to convert GeoName POIs
to a compatible format and use them with LS? If so, how is it done. I need
someone to point me in the right direction.
First, I downloaded the file  containing Irish POIs and  used the find and
replace feature of notepad to replace the "tabs" with "commas". I opened
this new file in Excel, and deleted all columns except: name, lat, and long;
saving it as both CSV and TXT files. I then ran these files through the LS
POI converter with no success. I tried a number of variations on the above;
what ever sprang to mind .
 what I would like to know is: am I next nigh or near the right track?
All help appreciated
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