[Loadstone] [MSpeak] Nokia firmware updater updated along with N82 firmware.

David Tanner david-tanner at peoplepc.com
Wed Apr 9 04:45:04 BST 2008

I noticed that the upgrade says you should have a sym card installed so I canceled the upgrade.  Am I correct in assuming that if I do not have service on my N82 yet that there would not be a sym card in the phone?

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:        Two thing hear!
: 1. First of all; I wanted to let people know that the Nokia Software updater has been updated. So if 
: you start it, it will ask if you want to download the update. I tried doing it that away and it 
: didn't work. I suggest that you go to the blind sea web site and then to the 3rd Edition 3rd Party 
: software link and click on the link for the Nokia Software(firmware) updater program. Then run the 
: update that away. The buttons and things seen to be read for me at least with version 8 of JAWS as 
: far as doing the install of the software.
: 2. Next the N82 firmware has been updated to 20.0.062 and may or may not be available for your 
: regions of the world.
: As always make sure that you do a backup of your phone before flashing your phone. You shouldn't 
: need it but it doesn't hurt to play it safe. The N82 should retain everything during a firmware 
: update and after it is done should come back up talking with no programs or data re-install.
: Next if you are not having any problems with your phone and are happy with it; then their is no need 
: for you to try fixing what isn't broke!
: High level of what was fixed.
: According to our expectations, this firmware update brings in Flash Lite 3 support, web runtime,
: geo tagging (also called GPS location tagging) which is off by default, camera exposure 
: improvements, better Bluetooth headset interoperability, lots of
: bug fixes, stability improvements, localization enhancements and memory leak removals.
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