[Loadstone] Geonames Questions

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Tue Apr 8 14:21:21 BST 2008

I converted the US file for geonames.org.  Kudos to the developer of that conversion program.  It is much easier than any other conversion alternative I can think of.

I have three questions.  First, I would be happy to post the data to Loadstone's website once I know how to check it for accuracy and if anybody is interested.  First, how would I check it for reasonable accuracy without traveling to a random number of data points?  Given the locations of data points, traveling to enough of them to check their accuracy is out of the question in my case.  Second, is anybody interested in my posting that data?

Third, some of the entries do not have dashes in front of the numbers corresponding to longitude.  The US is mainly in the western hemisphere.  The names of data points that do not have dashes indicate locations within the western hemisphere.  Therefore, accurate longitude values should have dashes in front of them.  What is going on?  I would be happy to send someone the file off-list if that would help answer the above question.

Mike Hanson
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