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Ömer Yesiltas yesiltas1981 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 21:57:27 BST 2008

Hi Monty,, thank you very much for the information. i read some of the 
manual of the program and found it very useful and explanatory. I am really 
looking forward the signed version of the program. In addition, i want to 
translate the program interface and manuals into turkish language in order 
to make it possible for Turkish blind people to use the program. Although i 
can use the program in english, there are many people here who do not know 
english. So if this application can be translated into Turkish language it 
would find many users here. But i do not have any programming information, i 
can only translate texts from english to Turkish. If this is possible, could 
you help me? or whom do i have to contact with?

best regards...
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> Hello Omar and welcome,
> You indeed downloaded the correct version although as you note it is
> unsigned.  We are working on providing a signed version very soon.  (I
> hope to be able to give the list an update at the end of this week)
> You populate your Loadstone databases with points you create or acquire
> through other means such as through sharing with other users or sources on
> the internet.  I would advise you to read the documentation and look in
> the list archive for further infomation on this topic.
> Best regards,
>   Monty
> On Mon, 7 Apr 2008, [iso-8859-9] Ömer Ye?ilta? wrote:
>> Hi everybody, i am a new member to this group. first let me a bit talk 
>> about myself. My name is Ömer and i live in Ankara-Turkey. While 
>> searching on the internet with google i found the website of loadstone 
>> gps and this mailing list. But i have a few problems and questions if you 
>> do not mind answering. First of all, this program i have downloaded is 
>> unsigned and should be signed but i can not register to symbiansigned 
>> website to sign the program. so is there any signed version? and the 
>> other problem is that i have read on the website that the maps of the 
>> program are very limited and unfortunately Turkey is not included. May i 
>> use the other maps like nokia's or google etc with the program? Meanwhile 
>> my phone is nokia 6120 classic which has the s60 v3 symbian 9.2 version. 
>> so i selected the newer phones from that combo box on the website. if i 
>> may not be able to use the other map software, am i able to create my 
>> points and create my map? Thanks from now.
>> regards...


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