[Loadstone] Checking all points

David Greenwood DavidGreenwood at rogers.com
Sun Apr 6 18:43:05 BST 2008

Could there be a new feature to perform this function?  I would use it 100% 
of the time when on the move.  I had the use of a Trekker for several 
months, and this is the only feature that I miss.

There could be an option "Announce all Points on Approach".  It doesn't need 
to execute every second, once every five or ten seconds would be enough.  I 
would guess that it would be equivalent to pressing the center of the 
joystick button, but only speak the point if it is within the approach 
distance value.   I personally don't even mind if it repeats speaking the 
closest point.


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> The short answer to your question is there's no way to do this. 
> Checkpoints
> are loaded in to memory so there's a limit as to how many can be loaded at
> any given time. Querying the database every second is pretty much out of 
> the
> question since on a large database this would make the program unusable. 
> You
> could try creating a large checkpoint file but I'm not sure what'll 
> happen,
> things may slow down or it may work depending on the number of points. The
> more points you check the more calculations the program will need to do so
> this may slow things down and be hard on your phone's battery. In theory 
> you
> may be able to get 3000 or so checkpoints but in practice I'd say it would
> be much less.
> On Sat, 5 Apr 2008, David Greenwood wrote:
>> I am sure there is a way to do this, but I haven't stumbled across it in 
>> the
>> docs, nor come up with an alternate solution.
>> What I would like is to have Loadstone announce any point I approach as 
>> if
>> the entire database was checked.  Most of my points are intersections and 
>> so
>> it would be great just to have a reminder by Loadstone as I approach each
>> one.  This will remove the need to take off my gloves in the winter, get 
>> my
>> phone out of my pocket, and find my required joystick button with frozen
>> fingers.  Currently, I need to check every point I plan to pass ahead of
>> time, and this isn't always posssible since I may be just going for a 
>> walk,
>> or I don't have time,since I am rushing out the door.
>> Any suggestions would be great.
>> Thanks,
>> David.
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