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dear Jürg and all Loadstone users,

I think the initiative started by the Loadstone programming team is a
wonderful example of how we can work together to create something unique.
Our four colleagues, responsible for the development of the Loadstone
program, most frequently represented by Monty and Shawn, have set a powerful
enabling tool in motion for free. This, in our commercially grabbing age, is
most peculiar and most gratifying. That is why so many of us have jumped in
and tried to contribute our own expertise to help out the movement. It is
just like that! A movement, like "Alice's restaurant". We can show that when
users work non-visually, they can demonstrate just what is needed and how to
achieve it. The next step is to make the rest of the world understand that
this is so. 

What does disability mean anyway? 

The answer is "nothing" if people who are compelled to operate using a
different modality stand together and define just what it means to operate
that way. In our case, this means operating non-visually.

Jürg, this puts it up to you to explain your program so that we can all use
it. We have a modality of using information non-visually, but we also have a
modality of using information through the medium of the language which we
can use. I,, myself, can cope with English , Irish Spanish and a little bit
of Nederland's. However, I cannot cope with German because I have not
learned it. We have to agree what language or languages we can use in
common. The EU has decided that we must all use French and English. That is
OK for the politicians. But, those of us who wish to share our ideas must
find a way of sharing our languages so that we can all understand and
contribute our skills and our commitment to the development of a global

Sorry, Jürg, about the diatribe. You have taken a brave step in developing a
potentially useful tool. However, I cannot use it without understanding
German. This is frustrating since I understand the trouble you must have
taken to create this program. Do you think you could develop an English
language version of your text messages? I would be honoured to assist you in
this if you think I could help.
All the best,
"Good design enables - Bad design disables"
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I've written a little program that creates Loadstone-Textfiles from a
With this programm, you will be able to convert data from your country to
You can specify whether you want to have all data or some groups only.
The name contains the elevation as well.
As i checked for my vicinity in Switzerland, i realized that some data where
incomplete (e.g. Banks) or not very accurate (e.g. elevation)

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