[Loadstone] clock face?

dogcrazy1974 dogcrazy1974 at verizon.net
Wed Apr 2 09:33:19 BST 2008

being that I could see for the first 22 years of my life yes I can vision 
where this is used for instance when some one is telling me directions  they 
point out different land marks saying when your at the intersection at 9 
o'clock is a big rock so if your figuring out routes this can help one make 
sure by asking if something is in a place to clarify their position and if 
their in the correct place or not of course I am a native TEXAN and a red 
neck at that so I use it on a daily routine.
" To go through life sightless allows one to hear the real world around them 
" From Darryl and my four legged pair of eyes Pammy 

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