[Loadstone] For german speaking users

Per Reisender at online.de
Sat Sep 22 19:28:10 BST 2007

Martin wrote:

> Per, it would be a pretty necessary job to translate Loadstone 
> dokumentation
> to german, but before that may happened, I suggest that there should be a
> better understandable method of signning procedure available for future
> versions of loadstone.

What have the signing procedure to do with the documentation?
A lot of persons have 2rd devices and if there will be a more comfortable 
way for installing on 3rd in the future we need to translate nearly the same 
documentation and that also could be done now.

>The one we all know is - i'm sorry to say - pretty
> annoying, particularly for those users who ain't so much familiar with 
> their
> equipment that they just are able to change the setup of any installed
> application on their phone like it's a peace of kake. And don't we both 
> know
> that there are many of them stroling around in Germany? :-)

Yes, me for example.
But its much harder to understand Loadstone if you a a technical newbie and 
also don't speak english too.
A german help page would be a fine solution.

>If loadstone once
> is as easy to install like E.G. Talks Screenreader Software does, all skys
> for german Loadstone user's manual may be whide open.

But this could be happen far away in the future and a lot of german people 
wants Loadstones help in their live as soon as possible.
This will be the same with spanish, french and so on.
It would be great if members of this community could do this soon or find 
someone who makes it.
Thats a pretty way to do something for this project without knowledge in 
programming and stuff like that.

It also would be great if someone will buy the needed Symbian publisher ID 
for the LS-project and team or offers the money for that because after that 
self signing is not necessary any more.

Regards from Per

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