[Loadstone] For german speaking users

Martin Kirchner martin.kirchner at email.de
Sat Sep 22 18:36:58 BST 2007

Per, it would be a pretty necessary job to translate Loadstone dokumentation 
to german, but before that may happened, I suggest that there should be a 
better understandable method of signning procedure available for future 
versions of loadstone. The one we all know is - i'm sorry to say - pretty 
annoying, particularly for those users who ain't so much familiar with their 
equipment that they just are able to change the setup of any installed 
application on their phone like it's a peace of kake. And don't we both know 
that there are many of them stroling around in Germany? :-)If loadstone once 
is as easy to install like E.G. Talks Screenreader Software does, all skys 
for german Loadstone user's manual may be whide open.


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