[Loadstone] Google Maps batch mode

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Sep 18 05:24:26 BST 2007

I have to correct myself. You may submit 5000 queries per day with Googles 
lookup method, but I realized that my largest query ever has been less than 
500 queries and that took about 25 seconds (well within the PHP execution 
time). On average I'd say that with the method I use to query Google in 
batch mode I get about 10 points per second. Sorry for that, a bit 
overoptimistic. However, these results checked as rather reliable, while 
the data from e.g. geonames.org proved to be fun but useless. If unique 
city names appear four times in the same database with distances as much as 
45 KM between them I don't think that's ready for release yet. Also
about 25% of the points had a proximity of less than 10 meters to their 
closest point which makes the reliability of announcements in Loadstone 
lower, if not unusable.

On another topic: if you are generating databases for Loadstone please use 
2,4,2 for the accuracy, satellites and priority fields, a userid of 5 
digits (preferably your own userid) and a id that is your local time 
(time()) minus 315360000 (10 years of seconds). This creates a private 
point with a timestamp that is in the range that Loadstone knows as a 
generated point and cannot cause any copyright issues.


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