[Loadstone] World Map database available

Hasan Karahasan karahasan at onlinehome.de
Tue Sep 11 16:51:36 BST 2007

Hello folks,
for those of you who really love geography like I do, this might be good 

I spent a lot of time to build a world map for loadstone. And now it is 
ready. It currently holds about 5800 points around the world including 
capitals and many other larger cities as well as well known geographical 
objects like some mounts, lakes, water roads, islands, the poles of the 
earth and so on. From time to time I will extend this map.

Almost every point is given with its name followed by the country's name it 
belongs to. Like this:

Berlin, Germany
Dallas, USA
Mount Everest, Nepal
Kilimanjaro, Kenia
and so on.

First I made the German version. Then I translated a lot of names into 
English. This is hard stuff and I am sure I have forgotten some places. So 
sorry for that in advance. But you should be able to recognize a point 
anyhow, because country and city names sound very similar except of being a 
little bit different in spelling.

So lay back. Think you are in an aircraft. Go into exploration mode. And 
start exploring the world. And don't forget to take Loadstone with you the 
next time you go anywhere far away from your home. It will always tell you 
where you are.

You can download my database in binary format. I have chosen this way rather 
than text format to help beginners by avoiding the import process. Power 
users of course may export the binaries and do what ever they want with 
these points.

If you developer guys need another format, please let me know. I work with 
an intermediate format that allows me very simple manual editing on the data 
bevore finally converting them into loadstone's import format. It is quite 
simple and uses semicola ; as field delimiters. Like this:


Lat and Lon can be either decimal or in DMS notation. My perl script 
understands both and converts to decimal if needed.

Now let us get the data.
Please download


Unzip this file. You will get two files - welt for the German and world for 
the English version.

Have fun!


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