[Loadstone] Gps camp feedback

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Mon Sep 10 01:21:23 BST 2007

I had no idea that there were gps camps.
As for your suggestions, having the point checked when added could probably 
be another setting in the add point dialog. The prompting about saving 
unsaved checkpoints could be done but will be a bit tricky. Right now 
loadstone doesn't keep track of that status. That would probably have to be 
a setting as well. In the next release there's an area function like you 
suggest. With this function you can see all the points around a point sorted 
by distance.

On Sun, 9 Sep 2007, Cathomas Jürg wrote:

> On our GPS camp we spent much time on LS training.
> The participaants found LS to be a helpful tool, even more helpful than Wayfinder Access.
> But we encountered some points which where a bit difficult to learn:
> 1. checking a point
> The students had some problem why checking a point is so difficult.
> Suggestion:
> After introducing or updating a point, LS asks whether to check this point or not
> 2. Some forgot to save the checkpoint file.
> Suggestion: Before exiting LS or loading a checkpoint file, ask for saving unsaved checkpoints.
> 3. when the students reached a point, they stood still and wanted to look around what's next.
> Because in the morning hours, GPS reception was poor, there was much drift and so, even when standing still, GPS told us we would walk around with 1 to 4 kmh in any direction. Thus, it gave us wrong indications when we looked around whats next with the joystick.
> Suggestion: Introduce a command which informs about points in the approximity in exploration mode, sorted by distance.
> For example, Shift-1 is the nearest point, Shift-2 the next and so on.
> The information might be as follows:
> Bus stop 20 meters in south east at 9 o'clock.
> (Provide both direction indications, if the clockwise information is wrong, you still have the chance to find out the point with a talking compass)
> Thanks for thinking about these suggestions.
> Jürg Cathomas
> Swiss Federation of the Blind
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