[Loadstone] Instal LS on Nokia 3650

LA Watters lawatters90 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 04:02:08 BST 2007

Hi Sean,

Went into tools/Ap Manager, and the only applications in there are:
1.Talks-installed and
2. Eloquence/installed.

It gives me the option to uninstall these two applications, but no other 
applications are offered for installation.

I downloaded the programme again, deleted the first one from the card and 
copied over the new one. Still, there is no sign of it being recognised by 
the phone.

Any suggestions?

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> You'd have to go in to the app manager on the phone and install the file.
> On Thu, 6 Sep 2007, LA Watters wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> Trying to install Loadstone onto a Nokia 3650.
>> Downloaded the appropriate Loadstone file and transferred it to the 
>> phone's memory card  via a card reader. 3650 doesn't have a cable 
>> connection and my computer is without Bluetooth connection.
>> The card reader shows the file on the memory card, its size and all is 
>> correct, but the phone is showing nothing new when the card is 
>> reinserted.
>> I am sure I am overlooking something pretty basic here, but what it is I 
>> can't quite fathom.
>> Also, what programme on the phone do you initiate the setup process with?
>> All assistance appreciated
>> Louis
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