[Loadstone] First test of the software - and one small question

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Sep 4 23:52:08 BST 2007

Hi Jacob,

 From the menu and key reference page:

Options/File Submenu/Checkpoints Submenu/Clear checkpoints = This feature 
will erase (uncheck) all 'checked" points that may currently be in use but 
that are not currently saved.
(Only visible with points checked.)


At 9/4/2007, you wrote:
>Hi there
>Finally got around to doing my first test of this software combined with my
>relatively new Holux M1000 receiver unit, and my Nokia 6680 which has Talks
>Basically since I am home alone, I initially just 'toured' my garden, and
>set up
>waypoints for three pieces that basically form a large triangle around my
>house in the relatively large garden.
>Anyway, after I made it around the house and was back on the driveway near
>the point I did actually label as my 'house', I then searched for the
>'garden tap', and switched over to navigation mode, and then followed the 30
>second instructions until when I was around 1 1/2 metres from the garden
>tap, it said I had basically arrived - and this time I had basically walked
>directly there instead of having to follow the garden wall around, so I am
>pretty impressed since it seems to have been relatively accurate enough in
>terms of the 10-11-12 o'clock directions, and distances etc.
>This was literally the first time I was doing more than just adding my
>'house' as a point at my front gate, but obviously I have gone and read
>through the 'getting started' documentation pages on the website.
>Either way, I am actually quite impressed.  One small thing I was wondering
>about is how to easily just clear all the checked points since after I got
>to my 'destination' I was clearing the checked points one at a time, where
>if I had actually been walking a longer route with more checked points it
>might be nicer if I could just use a menu item to clear all of them in one
>go.  Alternatively, I suppose if I just exit LoadStone, then restart it it
>will as such be cleared?
>Basically it again comes down to something I 'found' when I was previously
>testing the Humanware Trekker thing - I don't particularly want to be
>standing in public 'playing' with any sort of gadget here since it might
>just generate some 'interest' from the wrong sort of person...
>Anyway, this combination will be useful for two specific things for me.
>Obviously it will be good in terms of negotiating it around my area etc. to
>get to shops, the local pub etc. etc., and one of the other major things I
>was looking into this sort of thing for is that when I get my offroad
>motorcycle back, I want to go to a large open area, set up some routes, and
>be able to just ride around without having to get too many 'instructions'
>from anyone, although I will obviously make sure I have someone there just
>in case - LOL!
>Stay well
>Jacob Kruger
>Blind Biker
>Skype: BlindZA
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