[Loadstone] importing points

Gary Steeves g.steeves at telus.net
Sat Sep 1 00:19:32 BST 2007


I'm still having some problems.  I went to the points exchange page, 
logged in and proceeded to the area download section. I went throught 
he process of selecting my country, prov, city (vancouver in this 
case), clicked on add and then clicked on next. I selected download. 
Selected save as. Here I changed the name of the vile to be vancouver.txt

 From here I copied the file onto my   memory card  for my phone. I 
then copied the vancouver.txt file to the c sys apps loadsonte 
import/export folder.  It says it's 44.29kb. Once this was done I 
opened loadstone, went to file import database. Here I clicked on 
vancouver.txt and let it go at it. Once it completed this process I 
went back to file and selected load database.  here I clicked on 
vancouver.txt. When it loads it  bumps me out back to the menu 
directory if  I move the joystickin any direction.

Any thoughts? I have returned to the version I originally had on 
the  phone which is 65 I believe. the newest verion was giving me 
system error when i ried to connect my gps reciever. The receiver is 
now connecting correctly.


Gary Steeves, BSW, RSW
204 - 1110 West 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC  V6H 1J1
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Email: g.steeves at telus.net

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