[Loadstone] Suggestion for looking around in navigation mode

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Oct 30 13:24:05 GMT 2007

Hi loadstone team,

when in navigation mode and point direction is configured to clock face,
the announcements are relative to the current heading. This is really
usefull when walking not to slow. But if currently not on a move, this
setting isn't as usefull as when on a walk. So sometimes I would like to
look around with the arrow keys or with the select key, but with the
absolute point direction announcements as configured in exploration mode.

So what about adding this with shifted arrow keys and shifted select key?
This would be very nice and helpful, so we can choose between both
announcement settings when in navigation mode.


Because of the bad readability in context.
> Why is "Text on top, fullquote at the bottom" so bad?
>> "Text on top, fullquote at the bottom"
>>> What's one of the most annoying things on the net?

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