[Loadstone] solar calculations

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Thu Oct 25 09:14:12 BST 2007

This message is for those people that want Loadstone to have a sunrise, 
sunset, moon phase, etc. calculator.
I have some code on the pc that outputs a lot of information about these 
things. Not knowing much about this stuff I'm not sure what we'd want as 
output or the best way to represent it.
The output from my program is as follows:
local time: wed oct 24 23:52
timezone: -700
latitude: 49.2251716
longitude: -122.9915750
moon age: 14.08
moon visible percentage: 98.70
moon cycle percentage: 46.37
moon is visible
today's moonrise: 17:08
today's moonset: 05:47
moon azimuth: -3.42
moon altitude: 51.15
moon distance: 56.16
moon right ascention: 01:02:34
moon declination: 10.41
sun distance: 23350.68
sun right ascention: 13:57:20
sun declination: -11.99
Eccentricity: 0.02
Obliquity: 0.41
Ecliptic Long: 3.69
today's sunrise: 07:47
today's sunset: 18:05

Some of the information is very obvious but some just isn't. There's a moon 
asimuth but no sun azimuth. Is it possible to calculate this from some of 
this other information?
Any help or suggestions on how to use this information would be welcome.

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