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Ari Moisio arimo at netsonic.fi
Thu Oct 25 07:28:41 BST 2007

Hi Charlie

On Tue, 23 Oct 2007, Charlie wrote:

>> It would be better if it reported always nearest item in front or
>> preferably list of those items. When entering exploration mode LS could
>> remember latest valid heading from navigation mode and afterwards use
>> heading of latest virtual movement.
> No, in exploration mode the reporting should be absolute.

  Is there any other reasons beside complexity of coding vs complexity of 

  I still remember those text adventures from eighties but do  not want 
them back. One feature of those was that if user move one step to east and 
one step to west he/she was not necessarily same place as before those 
steps. Same applies to LS exploration mode.

  If we think a straight road from west to east with four waypoints (A, B, 
C, D) 100 meters apart each other and one, E, 50 meters north of C.


A    B    C    D

  If we walk physically from west to A  point B is at 12 o'clock. If we 
turn exploration mode B  is not more in front of us but in the east. Ok... 
where is east... back to navigation mode, walk a little... ahh, we were 
walking east  so now we know B is till ahead... oops.... east, not ahead.

  If we now move virtually to B, the only visible waypoint in location A we 
got A in west, not back at 6 o'clock as in navigation mode. C  is at east 
and E is at east too but non-visible. To 'see' E we have to move virtually 
at point C and there  instead of turning  left as in real navigation turn 
to north.

  Now comes the funny part. We are at point E. C is at south, At east there
  nothing but LS clains there is D. If  we move to E and  'back' to west we
  are at point C.

  In every movement there were heading: to east when we reached point A, 
east from A to B and B to C, north from C to E,  something between east 
and southeast from E to D and west from D to C.

  On every location there is also availalbe clockface-type heading to all 
points. I'll left calculation as an exercise to the reader:-) Tip: at B A 
is at 6 o'clock, C is at 12 o'clock, D is at 12 o'clock and E is at 11 

  Show area -function is a step to rigth direction but it is buried too 
deeply in the menues and is available only in exploration mode. It also 
lacks a important feature to filter out all 
but  most interesting points, the points  ahead.

  > Bert
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