[Loadstone] Problem After Installing the Latest Release

Tom Lange trlange at pacbell.net
Thu Oct 25 03:31:53 BST 2007

Hi Sean,
You wrote:

> It sounds like your best bet would be to start with a fresh database. 
> Maybe
> see what your default.dat file is, if it's a text file or not. If so then
> you'll need to do an import.

After some dire warnings on my PC, I was able to get into the .dat file and 
determine that it definitely isn't text.

The other problem you may be having is if your
> gps has no signal then you won't be able to find any points since there's 
> no
> previous position to work from.

I thought of that, but I did have a GPS fix at the time.

As you say, it may be best to start with a fresh database, so I'll need to 
get into the Pointshare database and get the points for my region. Back when 
I first attempted to register I encountered some sort of error and couldn't 
proceed. Unfortunately I don't have a record of any password for it, so I 
tried to re-register and it says that my e-mail address is already 
registered there.  How can I find out what my password is?


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