[Loadstone] Question on file explorer and file manager

David Greenwood DavidGreenwood at rogers.com
Wed Oct 24 19:50:09 BST 2007

No, FExplorer is a separte program.  I don't think there is a charge for it 
though.  I recommend FExplorer over the standard File Manager since the File 
Manager does not have access to all of the directories, and FExplorer does.

Otherwise, refer to my previous message showing you how to use Loadstone 
file management functions to perform the loading of the points text file.

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> Hi everyone,
> Back with another question.  Is file explorer and file manager the same
> thing?  I'm just wondering because in the instructions for browsing for 
> the
> points.txt file that you send to your phone, it tells you to browse to 
> your
> in box if you sent the points.txt file to your phone through bluetooth.  I
> don't have file explorer on my phone so I tried using file manager but I
> don't know how to browse to the in box from the file manager.  Before 
> anyone
> say anything I am reading the documentation.  Do I need to purchase file
> explorer to do this correctly because the points.txt file is in my in box
> and I'm not sure how to browse to the in box from the file manager.  Any
> suggestions on how to complete this task?
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