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Wed Oct 24 15:14:53 BST 2007

Hi Michael,

Further to Juerg's explanation, "focus" refers to the point that your 
virtual cursor (so to speak)  is over top of.

To use an unrelated example that may help, if you're in your 
favourite word processor and type the word  Loadstone, and press the left-arrow key  twice "focus" would be on the 
letter "n".

The term "direction" means  the numeric keys are absolutely mapped to the 
8  cardinal  directions (North, North-east, east, south-east Etc)

Hope that helps


On Wed, 24 Oct 2007, Cathomas Jürg wrote:

> hi Michael,
> ; keys in exploration mode.  Keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 move the focus to
> ; a point in a particular direction.  What does that mean?
> If you want to update a point, add it to a checkpoint list or delete it, you must have the focus on it, as they call it.
> One possibility to do so is, to find a point wiht these keys, but in practice, this is not a good way to set focus to a point. I rather use the search-function or the new function which gives you a list in vicinity.
> What is better than setting the focus on a point with the numeric keys is to look around in all directions with the new function Shift plus numeric key.
> The shift key is the clear key.
> Jürg
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