[Loadstone] Problem After Installing the Latest Reelease

Tom Lange trlange at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 24 14:17:35 BST 2007

I downloaded and installed the latest Loadstone version to my 6682 the other 
night and since I hadn't updated it in a while I probably did something to 
mess it up. When I first started using Loadstone earlier this year I tried 
to get points for my local area from the Pointshare database or whatever 
it's called and had some trouble, so someone kindly sent me his database and 
I installed it. As I traveled about Loadstone would recognize where I was 
and if I went into Explore mode I had no problems there either.  All that 
changed after installing the new release.  Now when I fire up Loadstone and 
get my GPS fix and use the joystick I get "no points found", as if I don't 
have a database loaded.

I still have the original default.dat file that someone sent me and can 
reinstall it, but I've forgotten how that works.  Can anybody refresh my 
memory?  Thanks.


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