[Loadstone] Observations on Accuracy with Two Receivers

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You mention the Holux M-2000. Did you mean the M-1000 or is this is a
revision of the M-1000?



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Hi Mike,

This is indeed interesting.  One question, when outside, did you test in a
stationery position or were you moving?  I am also interested in something
else if you were moving.  This morning I was monitoring my speed.  I was out
on the levy, and was moving steadily in a quite open area along the river.
I was noticing my heading varying plus or minus about 10 degrees, and my
speed jumping all over the place from 1 mph to around 6.  The truth was
likely around 4.  This was the royaltech 2110.  The accuracy I was seeing
most of the time around 29 feet.  In fairness I had just come from my run,
and I was carrying the receiver in the pocket of my running shorts.  This
means that it was swinging pretty freely which may impact all of the above.

On Mon, 22 Oct 2007, Michael O. Hanson wrote:

> Changing accuracy from a number to a number of feet was a great
> I don't want to start the great GPS receiver controversy or anything 
> like that.
> Some users might find the information below helpful.  I do not claim 
> that these test results are anything close to conclusive.  They are my 
> observations.
> My testing was not performed under scientific or controlled conditions.
> Other users could get vastly different results for any number of reasons.
> I tested a Holux M-2000 and a Royaltec RBT-2110.  I tested both 
> receivers in my living room and outside.
> The Holux got average readings of between twenty and thirty feet.  The 
> lowest was 20.8 feet.  The highest was thirty feet.
> The Royaltec got readings of between fifty-five feet and ninety-four feet.
> The lowest was fifty-four feet.  The highest was ninety-six feet.
> The Holux averaged eight to ten out of twelve satellites.  The 
> Royaltec averaged four out of twelve.
> I know the Royaltec is somewhat better at tracking direction changes.  
> It is a perfectly usable receiver in my experience.  If there is some 
> factor I am not taking into account, please let me know.
> Mike Hanson
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