[Loadstone] Loadstone GPS V0.69 released

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Mon Oct 22 09:58:58 BST 2007

Putting some punctuation after the point name may help but it might also 
make a bigger mess. I've tried to avoid using any punctuation in loadstone's 
output because of the wide variety of ways speech engines seem to have of 
handling punctuation. I wish just one of these screen reader/speach engin 
combinations would handle punctuation propperly for the language it's 
speaking. Maybe if the technology ever improves we can get output that's 
gramatically correct.

On Mon, 22 Oct 2007, Ari Moisio wrote:

> Hi MOnty & codefactory team
>  Because these issues are mainly Mobilespeak issues i'll include
> Codefactory  as a recipient too:
>  Phone is Nokia 6680 with latest fw, MS iv version 3.35.
> On Sun, 21 Oct 2007, monty at loadstone-gps.com wrote:
>>> - In show area result list there is no space between item name and
>>> distance. I noticed this with a  point name with house number after it,
>>> screen reader red  both as a distance.  This happened with Mobilespeak, i
>>> know Talks cannot handle these type of situations at all.
>> We are unable to duplicate your finding using Talks.  The English language
>> strings appear to have correct spacing.  Please send us an example of a
>> point (extracted from an exported text file).
>  You are right, there is one space but Mikropuhe red it as one number.
> There was string 'niittykatu 5 125 meters' and Mikropuhe interpreted
> digits as 'five thousand one hundred twentyfive' instead of two separete
> numbers. This happens of course only when distance is between 100 and 999
> meters. It would help if there is some punctuation between  the waypoint
> name and distance.
>>> - With Mobilespeak 3.25 if i ask time with edit + 9 it announces beginning
>>> of time, then read the cell name as i havent press the edit key at all.
>>> Not sure if this is MS issue or LS keyboard handling issue.
>> It's easy to blame the other guys but we have not been able to duplicate
>> this behaviour so perhaps it is Mobile Speak.  We do not have Mobile speak
>> ourselves (hint hint Code Factory) so are unable to test.
>  This is MS feature and seems to appear after i minimize LS and  selects
> it again. After this MS shorcuts are also passed to Loadstone application
> but not interpreted always by MS itself.
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